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i'm kristel, a wedding and portrait photographer in vancouver, bc. i'm originally from ontario and now live in a charming gastown loft, where i keep my apron collection, drink peppermint tea, and roast marshmallows. i love photography, mittens on strings, yoga, good people, and love.

i really appreciate you stopping by, and look forward to us getting to know each other... leave a comment and tell me about yourself!


zaven, robynn, and baby e.

Zaven Robynn E-14 copy
Zaven Robynn E-11 copy

Zaven Robynn E-44 copy

Zaven Robynn E-48 copy

Zaven Robynn E-49

Zaven Robynn E-58

Zaven Robynn E-64

Zaven Robynn E-66

Zaven Robynn E-67

Zaven Robynn E-70 copy

Zaven Robynn E-77 copy

Zaven Robynn E-80

Zaven Robynn E-87

Zaven Robynn E-89

Zaven Robynn E-93 copy

just to show you how ridiculously behind i am with blogging, i believe zaven and robynn’s wedding is still on the first page of my blog… and here they are with their beautiful new baby.

off to scotland!


hello, friends!  i’m about to head to the train station to go to seattle and will be flying to scotland on sunday.  i’ll be there for four weeks, but not back in vancouver until the beginning of october.  i’ll be checking my email pretty regularly, and i’m hoping to update with a couple photos occasionally.  and since every post should have at least one photo, here’s joey and jillian on their incredible wedding day.

joey and jillian.

Joey and Jillian-5bw

Joey and Jillian-6

Joey and Jillian-7

Joey and Jillian-18

Joey and Jillian-21

Joey and Jillian-24

joey and jillian are two cool cats, and i sure can’t wait for their wedding in a couple weeks.  and that’s about all i have to say — i know jillian has been refreshing this page every 30 seconds for… well… probably since the day she booked me to shoot her wedding.  and i don’t want to make her wait any longer.  :)   jillian, i had a crazy amount of fun with you two, and can’t wait to see you again soon!

dafydd and zoe.

Dafydd and Zoe-4

Dafydd and Zoe-8 copy 2

Dafydd and Zoe-8 copy 3

Dafydd and Zoe-50

Dafydd and Zoe-68

Dafydd and Zoe-80 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-83

Dafydd and Zoe-92

Dafydd and Zoe-120

Dafydd and Zoe-140

Dafydd and Zoe-224 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-237

Dafydd and Zoe-249 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-250 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-254

Dafydd and Zoe-255

Dafydd and Zoe-257 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-258

Dafydd and Zoe-262 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-275 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-283

Dafydd and Zoe-293 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-334 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-336

Dafydd and Zoe-338

Dafydd and Zoe-339 copy

Dafydd and Zoe-340

from a recent wedding i photographed at the painted boat resort on the sunshine coast.

happy anniversary, sarah and shane!


it’s been one year since your wedding in kampala, uganda.  i wish you just as much happiness today (and forever) as i know you felt then.  also, i wish i were there with you now!  i miss your lovely continent.

zahir and mubina :: wedding.

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-6

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-42

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-44

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-56

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-62

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-77

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-80

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-83

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-94

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-103

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-115

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-118

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-156y

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-199

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-209

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-218

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-230bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-243bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-250bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-251bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-259bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-263bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-264bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-291bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-331bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-346

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-397

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-404

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-405

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-407

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-436

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-442bw

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-523

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-544

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-546

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-568

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-612

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-632

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-738

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-785

Zahir and Mubina Wedding-798

mubina’s puro ceremony.

justin and ally :: engagement session.

Justin and Ally-2

Justin and Ally-8 copy

Justin and Ally-13 copy

Justin and Ally-16

Justin and Ally-24 copy

Justin and Ally-27

Justin and Ally-31 copy

Justin and Ally-32

Justin and Ally-34

chris and irina :: preview.

chris and irina-1 copy

zahir and mubina.

Engagement Session-3

Engagement Session-5bw

Engagement Session-25

Engagement Session-26

Engagement Session-42

Engagement Session-48

Engagement Session-49

Engagement Session-50